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April sent me a link to a position open at KUAT. So, I applied through the careerbuilder website (as it had a link to do). I think get an email telling me, that no, I should have applied over at the U of A website. So, off I go. I get rejected...rejected rejected rejected. Really quickly too, because I didn't have the "minimum qualifications" which was 3 years experience begging people for money. I should have said four plus years of experience and chalked up my knowledge of getting money out of people when I was begging for it constantly in college (not that I ever got that much from anyone, but at least I have the experience).
So, honesty wasn't the best policy. Ah well, I didn't want to beg for money anyways.
Going to the hospital tomorrow. I would have gone yesterday, but nooooooooooooooooooo...someone had to drag me all over the mountains and state and nature and stuff to go take pictures and be big hippies and eat funyons. :)

Today was cleaning day. Straightened up the room a bit, completely cleaned out the litter box (brand new litter and all), vacuumed the room, did laundry, prepped lettuce and mushrooms for salads, baked bacon for BLTs for lunch this week, watched Ice Age, chased Adrienne out of the room twice (she was about to start eating the cat chow that is not for her), called my cousin Brandi (she's working a vet's office now and is enjoying the work, except for the putting the animals to sleep part), signed up with a stock photo site (awaiting review from the peeps there) aaaaaaand...I think that's it. Oh...and I got the mail. Yay!

I also spoke with that guy at the staffing place, he says he sent my resume along for a bookkeeping job, but the guy hasn't called me...I'll call the staffing guy manana. Allright kids, off to see what I can rustle up for some din din.

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