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I start Monday at a construction trailer on Wilmot Road. Downfall, I have to use a portapotty. :(
I'll be working for 90 days through the agency and then I'll be an employee of the actual general contractor.
The construction itself is supposed to be finished on August 1st, so, there is a chance that this will be the end of my tenure with this company, I am hoping that this is not the case and that they continue to get more jobs in the Arizona area :) So, if anyone needs something built here, please let me know and I'll have them bid for it :)

In other news, I bathed Vera and Vaash today. Vera I knew would be no problem, she'd be a bit dramatic but she wouldn't put up a real fight. I was unaware of what Vaash would do. He tried to get away a couple of times and he sounded like a little kid with his cries. :( Almost broke my heart...almost, he smells MUCH better now :)I also only got one scratch out of the entire ordeal. Took about 10 minutes to bathe them both. I believe Adrienne was laughing the entire time...if kitties could laugh anyways.

Ok...off to lay down for a bit...I was feeling really dizzy last night and didn't sleep very well.

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