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Fun day today.
Went to Delectables for lunch, I had the spinach and chicken enchiladas. Mmmm.
Peace and April shared some brie and bread with their lunches, I ate the strawberry off the brie platter :)
We bummed around 4th Avenue and went to the little artisan craft mall place. I got a bar of cinnamon soap (it smells so good!) and Peace got some jewelry for her and someone else. We went to a few other stores and Peace got a book called "Walter, The Farting Dog" and read it to us in the car as we drove away from 4th Avenue to the Rincon Market. Then we went to the thrift store (this is before the Rincon Market, stay with me people) and I got some scarves for my hair and Peace got a fun one piece sequined spandex pantsuit that she is going to wear during her inline skating marathon in Germany in September. It's quite awesome :)
I told her that she needs to skate backwards through the finish line, just to add to the crazy disco aspect of her outfit. Then we took off and went to the Rincon Market (and that's when Peace read the Walter book to us) and April got some English Toffee cookies and I got a piece of baklava that was absolutely heavenly and the best piece I have ever had. It's usually so sweet, this one was just right with the sugar quotient. Then we went to The French Quarter and had a nice dinner, headed back to the house and April and Peace made sundaes while I just drank water. I got filled up on the beignets and couldn't hold ice cream too. Now I am getting ready for bed and my new job on Monday (yay!) I'll fill you all in on what it is I'll be doing exactly at this new job. I just hope using a portapotty isn't going to kill me :)

Night kids!

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