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Stupid companies and the paychecks that love them

:) Actually, it should be :( I didn't receive my paycheck Friday night. Nor Saturday morning, nor Monday night. Nothing. So, they are putting a rush on it. I faxed in the timesheet. No check. I have $90 in overdraft fees. I had to use my tax refund to cover that as well as the bills that I just mailed out checks for.

I hate this place, nothing works here.

Other than that, things are okay. I signed up for Yoga yesterday. Perhaps that will relax me. I have to buy a mat for it though. Good thing I have a check being rushed to me. bleh.

Oh, and now they are doing fire alarm printouts in my office...that's really fun to listen to.

dut dut dut
dut dut dut
dut dut dut

ahhh...dot matrix.
Tags: office, old school computer, work

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