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First Day of Work

It was an okay day. I'm having some doubts about my being there after August 1. The trailer hasn't been used since July or so of LAST YEAR...Now, I don't know if they have another trailer at another job site, I hope they do, otherwise, I'm effed. Unless they get another job to start on 8/2 or something.
Anyways, I have a better idea of what I'm supposed to be doing, but first I have to clean up the mess from the last job. Apparently, it didn't occur to anyone to box up all of the papers related to the last job...you know...when the job was done. Oy vey!
Anyways, so I did some boxing up today, then I ran out of boxes, so I have 2 shelves of notebooks left to pack up. Then I get to set up the notebooks for the subcontractors and make sure that they have all of their paperwork in order otherwise, they no workie for us on that job site :)
I also had to set up all the posters that need to be up. For the love of wtf ever...My thumb is killing me from shoving pushpins into the faux paneling. One in English and then again in Spanish (times 3) for federal stuff, THEN the same thing for state information. Except, you don't know which is the most current one, so there are I think 2 or 3 different versions (in English and Spanish) of HIV/AIDS, Unemployment, Workmen's Compensation, etc. This is on top of me cutting my thumb while slicing a tomato this morning.
Ah well. I also left my tupperware at work :(
But, I'll stick with this place until it's done and I guess...just find a new job if necessary. Dangit. :)

I am so sleepy. I think bed may be in the cards within the next few hours.

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