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Sleepy again. Getting up early, sucks. :)
So...didn't get my 3 hours of training today, I'm flying blind now. This is fun. Not really, I'm kind of getting tired of taking jobs where it's trial by fire. Ah well, I'm keeping my eyes open.
I tried to get tickets to the Tempe Nine Inch Nails show...but, I didn't get home in time. I *should* have found a library, but nooooooooooooooooo I figured I'd just do it at the house. Tickets went on sale at 4 I got in at 4:15...too late!

So, I was decided, hey, I'll check out the Vegas show, I'll pay for the hotel room even. Uhh..$85? I think not. Especially considering that the Tempe show (and most others) were between $30-40 for general admission.
So, I'm going to call the box office tomorrow at the Marquee Theater to see when tickets go on sale for the rest of the world. I hope to whatever that I can get 2 tickets, one for me and one for April, she said she'd go with me. I've never seen them live, April got to see them on their last tour...LUCKY!

I feel kind of bad too, I think I got Chris sick :( I DIDN'T MEAN IT!! I DISINFECTED STUFF!! I even got anti-viral tissues (mainly because they were on sale!) So, hopefully, he gets better soon. I wonder if he's drinking teas and stuff.

Ok...off to watch Law and Order: Animal Rescue Squad or something. Oh yeah, and I'm not watching the NBC boxing reality show...HONESTLY!

I think I'm off TV...oh, and Bambi is available on DVD now!! Why didn't anyone tell me?

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