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I got clean the fridge at work today. Isn't that fun?
Picture it...six months...left with soda cans and bottles, probably never cleaned, definitely never cleaned out before left...with no power...for six months.
Then, magically plug it back in...TA DA!!
I didn't know mold grew in ice trays. Oh it was so horrible!!! I think I killed a roll of paper towels and half a bottle of cleaner all the time wishing for hot soapy water. Guess what the water cooler has...a hot water spigot. *bangs head on keyboard* Yeah, after I cleaned it all out with the cleaner, I went over it with the hot water just to make sure I got it all up and stuff. It looks about 30000000 times better now. Hector, the superintendent, says to me, "Wow, it smells a lot better now. I was wondering what that smell was."
"Uh, yeah, that was mold."
"I guess we should have cleaned it out before we left it, huh?"
"Um, yes. That would have been good."
"Well, I'm a dude! We don't know these things!"

So, they asked me to do some stuff, and I had no idea what they were talking about. I'm getting less and less enamored with this job. Bleh.
I got notice that I wasn't what they wanted for the Reimbursement Specialist at the hosptial, but I'm still in limbo for that medical records position. Let's cross our fingers shall we? At least I know I will be keeping that job (you know what I mean) and will get benefits. And I won't have to use a portapotty.

Ok, going to go eat some cheese.

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