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Gah! So, I was paying bills the other night and realized, there is no way for me to get my paycheck into my bank account. I'm going to have to change banks. I hate changing banks. I LOATHE changing banks. There is so much crap involved with changing banks. So, I have to wait until GMAC takes their money for the car payment after moving some money into the account from my savings...leave the account open to allow for my direct deposit to go through (from my tax refund) and then find a way to close the account from here. I'll have to call the bank and see what I need to do to close it from here since they don't have any branches past Texas. *sigh*
So, I'm looking between Wells Fargo and Compass Bank. Wells Fargo has some branches in Florida, as does Compass, but Compass is only as far south as Gainesville. After further searching, it seems that Wells Fargo has MORTGAGE branches in Florida, but no banking branches. *sigh*
I am more tempted to go with Wells Fargo because of their loans...but then again...Compass does that too.

Anyways, yeah, I hate banking. Such a pain in my ass :)

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