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Woo! I had stuff to do this morning, but, alas, it's all done (just making up fax/transmittal sheets and what not).

Can't wait to leave town, la la la, get away from this boring job. However, tomorrow is concrete pour. I've never seen it done, so this should be interesting. I think the highlight of my job is watching the big trucks run around and move dirt and stuff. Makes me want to go play with Tonka trucks in a sandbox. I think I'm not the only one with this urge. Fess up, you know you wanna go play with some Tonka trucks.

I wanted to go swinging last night, but the park near the house doesn't have swings. I was saddened. April had mentioned swinging last week and now I'm all, "oooo...swings!!!" Nothing like returning to the simplicity of childhood where it was just you and a swing and a deathwish when you did the jump off. Maybe that was just me.

Friday will make 1 month of no smoking. Yesterday someone was outside the trailer having a smoke (this is at work) and I wanted to go kill and take and maim. At the same time, I felt a little nauseous smelling it. TORN!! TORN I SAY! Anyways, the Site Super is quitting chew...he has chewed Copenhagen since he was 12 years old. Wow! So, we were both going over our withdrawal issues. He's become majorly klutzy and we have both become very absent minded. I get distracted really easily righ...oooo a butterfly...t now...see what I mean!

I saw some bunnies last night on my walk. They were cute and hippity hopped everywhere and it was fun and I danced a little on my walk and did some backwards walking and a wee bit of jogging and speedwalking. It was all over the place I tell you. My sugar was 110 when I was done, which, while normal, is high normal, but I considered it pretty good considering I ate a few cookies. Ok...a lot of cookies :) It's all about damage control. Anyways...have to get back to work...have to redo notebooks because now my printer works it will actually print in the font that I want.

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