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I felt the need to share that with you all. I have quite a bit to file, and I guess I'll get started on that in the next few minutes. I had my left overs from last night for lunch, and now I'm all hungry again. :(

I still have some pineapples to eat, so that's good. I'll hold out until a little later.

We got a new portapotty today because they needed to take back the bigger unit that we had. So, this one has a handwashing unit in it. I think that's a little nicer. And, we can throw a lock on it, which we did, so, that's happy. I saw non office people using *MY* potty (I say mine because I'm the only "lady" on site and the sign on the door says, "Ladies" complete with stick figure drawing of a girl).

Yeah, so, there ya go, my day so far. Sad that the arrival of a portapotty is the highlight of the day.

Oh, and I found 3 places that rent ATVs/scooters in Rocky Point, so I'm going to check that out when we get there. :) I'll be so cool, toodling around on a scooter or an ATV snapping pictures and running over tourists. I will yell out, "Muevase GRINGO!" and I will fit right in :)

I just hope I don't kill a spring breaker. I don't want to go to a mexican prison.
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