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What I did on my Weekend Vacation by Sister Mary Elephant

I typed this in word over the vacation (I took my computer with me to change out music on my iPod and clear out the camera memory so that I could take more hawt vacation pix) Enjoy. I will cut it because it is super duper duperity long. :) :) :)

Saturday, 3/12/05

Woke up kind of early. The drive down was a bit stressful; we were trying to make it to the realty office before 7 p.m. so that we could make sure that we got the keys so we wouldn’t have to sleep in the car for the night. Chris and I left April there to wait for Jason and we went to go grab some dinner to bring back. I don’t know what Chris was looking for, perhaps a Wendy’s or something, but we passed multiple taco, burrito, churro and carne asada stands to no avail. Also, there are no traffic lights on the main drag, rather there are multiple stop (Alto) signs about every 2 blocks. I don’t think he saw the pattern and so, we were braking at every intersection. *sigh* I know I shouldn’t be all picky about the way people drive, especially in a foreign country, but given the fact that the cops seemed to be more preoccupied with giving us maps of the area instead of enforcing speed limits (of which there were five signs for) I didn’t think being *this* cautious was necessary, but I think I may be a bit more laidback than Chris. Anyways, we wound up on the OTHER side of town and made our way back. Luckily, the OTHER side of town wasn’t THAT far away, and we made our back with no events. I offered to order the food from one of these stands, I would have paid for all of it at this point and for the entire patronage of said taco stand, but no, we made our way back to the villas with nothing to show from our journey but an empty can of Squirt (Quitased!) and a grumpy journal writer. THANKFULLY, when we returned, the guys had found the house and were unpacking and had the fortitude to bring meat and things to eat. Yay! I rejoiced, for I was forced to see an evening of Veggie Thins and Easy Cheese as my only means of getting food in my stomach. I was nursing the beginnings of a bad headache when these guys offered us food. Woo! They made burgers and brats. I had a lovely undercooked burger, I’m more afraid of the water than I am of the undercooked meat, so I dug in.
April and I retired to our “casita” where she got into the noisiest bed in Mexico and I laid my head down on six chair pillows, because there was no bed for me. Yes, that’s right, no bed.
But, that’s okay, you know why…because this is an adventure.
My sleeping arrangement wasn’t wholly uncomfortable, it was certainly more comfy than my sleeping arrangements on my camping trip this past December, that’s for damn sure. So, this morning, we awoke, all showered in the shower from hell. As April stated, “This shower is jacked.” And you know what, she was right. I think I showered more of the outside than I did inside. We had the window open. Anyways, so we went off in search of food and as we neared the downtown area, middle aged sun baked men began hurling themselves toward our vehicle offering the lure of fishing in the Sea of Cortez. As interesting as that sounded, we were starving. We found a place where more guys hurled themselves into our car and said, “Hey amigos, you want some breakfast?” “Why yes, as a matter of fact, we do.”
So, we went up and had churizo con huevo burritos with beans and potatoes…and coke. We weren’t sure about the water until after left and saw that the water is brought in by private contractor, and it is purified. Ahh, they love the gringos, no? The burritos were AWESOME. Tonight is going to be some sort of seafood platter while April looks on in horror and eats some Mexican platter with enchiladas or something (which, I may join her in, and give up the whole quest for seafood thing. Who knows, we got another day or two here, I’ll play it by ear).
We left and went in a circle because we made a wrong turn and then we found our way back to our street. I realized on the way in that ATVs weren’t allowed in this development, which blows my whole, “Rent an ATV for the weekend and that way you can come and go as you please.” I’ll figure something out. I think I head to the beach and get some rockin’ photos of the Sea of Cortez. Hootie Hoo!

Sunday 3/13/05

Saturday night: We ate dinner at “The Friendly Dolphin” (El Dolfin Amigable) and it was great. Chris had the bacon wrapped shrimp stuffed with cheese, April had chicken fajitas and I had tamales. These tamales were the best I have ever had. They were so good. We left and walked to a little market down the ways a bit and I got a wicked awesome picture of Villa and Zapata taken in 1914. They are surrounded by their revolutionary compadres. Muy bueno! It was a little pricey ($22), but I hate haggling. Plus, I think they know that if they follow you around CONSTANTLY that you will just buy something just so that they will leave you alone and then you have just fueled the fire because now they know that you are weak!!! WEAK I TELL YOU. Sorry, I was rambling. Anyways, so I got my picture, noted that the coffee with organic chiapas coffee was right across the street and we stopped at a place called “Reggie’s 8/12” on the way back to the villas. This was a convenience store/liquor store/doughnut shop. Yes, doughnut shop. The doughnut shop was called “Drunk ‘n Donuts.” How cool is that? So, April and I got some doughnuts after I purchased 2 bottles of liquor. I got one bottle of Mezcal that my dad requested and a bottle of something else that came in the absolute coolest container in the world. It’s a dude, with a huge sombrero, holding a bottle of some sort. It’s 500 mL of tequila!!! I had about 2 shots out of it, it is the smoothest, finest tequila I have ever had. For $40, it better have been. I decided to get it and figured I’d let the guys drink it for me so I could have the bottle. They were quite surprised that I was like, “Yeah, I paid $40 for it, but it was worth it for the bottle, now drink up please.” “Um…are you sure? You want us to drink this and you don’t want any? Um, okaaaaay.”
I got 2 shots like I said, because they raved about how good it tasted. They were right! It’s a “sipping” tequila. It has a peppery taste and just goes down really nice.
As that was being worked on, some guy named Larry came barreling out of the sliding door and began proclaiming his love for “Team Whiskey” and began passing the bottle of Jim Beam around. I was told that I had to take a drink in honor of the trip down. If I had to, I had to. Truthfully, I had never had Jim Beam before, it’s not horrible, but, the Pepe Tequila was much better. I got four rounds of Team Whiskey before Larry was on to other pursuits. Thank goodness. I began amusing myself with watching these guys and their drunkenness. I hadn’t seen drunkenness like this in a while, I thought since my college days, but then I remembered, January for Bobbie’s birthday was somewhat similar. There were just more drunks here than there were at her party. Then some guy kept trying to talk me into going out with them that evening to go party. If it had been any other time of year, I probably would have, but I abhor Spring Breakers. There is just a certain type of college student that attends these insane drinking binges that are Spring Break. Maybe I was just a stick in the mud (and I highly doubt this) but I don’t see the (and I never did see) the plus in getting completely and utterly shitfaced for about 4 or 5 nights in a row and puking and wondering who you slept with last night. Needless to say, I never really went on an official spring break, I usually just went home to the family. I digress.
So, they got ready to leave and I returned to our casita and laid down upon my little bed of pillows on the floor in the kitchen (so much like Cinderella, my life!) and started to read my book and then passed out. I guess that little bit of Team Whiskey wore me out.

Sunday: Woke up early again. April and I attacked the donuts and coffee with extreme prejudice or something. They were good. We told Chris of “Sol,” the doughnut guy. We don’t know if his name was Sol, but he just seemed like this Yankee who retired to Mexico, some old hippie who now works at a doughnut shop…who knows, perhaps he was Reggie. Anyways, we came up with a story for Sol and told Chris about how he only charged us $45/pesos instead of $50/pesos for the dozen doughnuts. They were so good. :) mmmmmm
We got ready after a few minutes and decided to go have breakfast at a place called Santana’s Coffee. We thought it was going to be good coffee…I think it was Starbucks coffee :( Ah well, live and learn. My bagel and schmear was good though. Chris laughed at me for getting a bagel…in Mexico. Ah well, I mean, I did have tamales the night before, so I figured, what could it hurt to have a bagel, no?
We left there and stopped at the café that sold the coffee by the pound. Organic Chiapas coffee, oh man, it smells absolutely heavenly. I think we may string this stuff out and only drink it on the weekends or something. I’m also sending a pound of it to my friend Anne. Then, after the coffee, we went and got shrimp. They were called Collosal shrimp and were $8/lb. Apparently, these are like $16/lb in the states. These things were like the size of a man’s finger. And so meaty and tasty. Mmmmm We grilled those with some veggies and had homemade tortillas with them. This was lunch for us.
I got a pretty ring for Heather at the store next to the shrimp store. Silver with a pretty blue stone. Then we headed out to find a grocery store of some sort to get the veggies that April was wanting for lunch. We found one and it was a little scary. I found some Fabuloso which is a great cleaning product. I got it as a gag gift for Heather. I thought she would enjoy it. I also got two packs of tortillas. We then went in a different direction and found another grocery store that had a better quality of vegetable, so we got some there too and I got an interesting candle. And 2 bottles of Squirt (if you’ve never had Squirt, get some, it’s a wonderful refreshing citrus soda). We then decided it was time to head back to the house. April and Chris went down to the beach for a bit and I laid down in the kitchen to read for a bit. I was at a good part of the book, so I wanted to continue onward. They returned, so I went to sit outside for a bit in front of the house of debauchery from the night before. It was a beautiful breezy day. I was only bothered twice to buy jewelry and/or blankets. That is the one thing that is kind of bothersome, the constant selling. Even when we were in the water (April and I went swimming) they were trying to sell us stuff. Insane I tell you. The shrimp had been grilled and all was ready for lunch, except for the tortillas. There wasn’t a stove in the house, but there was an electric eye, so I used that to heat up the tortillas. Just threw them right on the eye for about two seconds on each side two times and voila! Warm tortillas without the use of a microwave. MMMMMMM. These were great tortillas.
After lunch, I went back outside for a bit to read and then decided to come back in the house to get away from the salesmen and finished up my book. April and Chris went for a drive and took pictures of doors and houses and stuff in the development. When they came back I was almost done reading. April uploaded pictures on my laptop while I finished my last chapter.
Nice pictures, which of course, are now available online, URL at bottom of entry. That’s right…I’m going to make you read this before you can see the pictures, HA!
Since most of the people were leaving on Sunday, I got a casita all to myself. That’s right, I am getting a night of sleep on a bed. WOO! Monday we head back to Tucson and back to the daily grind of life. Part of me wishes that this could last forever. No tv, no phones, no internet, no worries! But, there will always be something to worry about. Of course, worrying about it on the beach would probably be more cathartic than worrying about it in the city. :)

Monday 3/14/05

Made the drive back today. It wasn’t as stressful, but there was some stress. I was a bit concerned about coming back into the country with a holepunched license (because Friday I spent about 2.5 hours getting an AZ license and the printers were down, so it is going to be mailed from Phoenix and I get to walk around with a sheet of paper that says I have a license coming one day). The border guard just asked if we were citizens and what we had to declare and then was all, “Ok, later.”
Nice. Fuckers.
It almost made up for the Canada debacle 2 years ago.
I spent most of the drive avoiding the sun. Everytime I would get settled it would chase me. I finally gave up and just wrapped my jacket around my neck while we were still in Mexico and then when we got back in the states, I put on one sleeve and had my hood up. I was trying not to get a burn on the back of my neck, lest I become a “redneck.” Yeah, anyways, so then we came back and that’s it. I can’t write anymore about it honestly. But, for April I write down these things and she can further explain them to you. :)

“They have to gather together and watch the meat. It’s a bonding ritual.”

“I wonder if all the animosity between the US and Mexico is because they think we love The Eagles and we really can’t stand The Eagles and they keep playing The Eagles. I also wonder if this is why their greatest hits album sold so many copies, because it was bought by Mexican business owners.”

“He hearts this song. Can you feel the love?”


“Un Mundo Sin Churros”

“Death by Techno: My near death by techno, Tam and Queso Fundido”

“That motherfucker made my day.”

“This is the ghetto apparently.”
“Well, what do you expect, we’re in Section 8.”
“Good point.”

And, the URL as promised for hawt vacation action (sorry, no girls gone wild here). http://photos.yahoo.com/locakitty

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