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At the work

Supposedly, chick whose place I took was supposed to be in today (she and her husband are down from WA for the week to wrap up the sale of their house and help out with a few snafus here on the jobsite) to make sure I am doing things properly.
I find out yesterday, I won't be using Masterbuilder (which is software for general contractors to keep track of everything) sooooo, guess what that means? That means I am sitting here being a file bitch for them. The maker of copies. The printer of Fax Cover Sheets. *sigh* I'm still looking/applying and have talked to the guy at the staffing agency that I am being under utilized here.
So that brings me to, what exactly do I want to do then? Do I want to be like an executive from Network or Peter Gibbons from Office Space? Is there a happy medium? Can I just keep my head low in some corporate behomoth and collect a paycheck...can I be like Milton?
Ok...have to go, that chick showed up after all...damn my luck!
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