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For some reason, everyone at my job seems to think it's okay that I have nothing to do. There really isn't anything for them to give me either, as it's stuff like reading plans to make orders and what not. I wouldn't have a clue..."Um, ok, so this line is like six inches, so we need 3." "Three what?" "I don't know just order 3!!"
Yeah, anyways, so, I downloaded a few more pictures (ok, 25) to the stock photo website and found out that 2 of my pics have been downloaded. WOO!!! 40 cents! Maybe by the end of the year I can get $100 so I can get a check in time for xmas presents :)

I think I am going to go lay down...but I wanted to show you all this icon I snagged. Woo I <3 this icon. It is one of the best icons evar.

Oh, and I have an appointment on Monday with a real estate agent to see what i need to do to get a house. I am ready to buy baby! :)

Right. Enough cluttering of your friends page...I'm off to read about anarchists.

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