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Got my tax refund. yay!!! Dumped half into my savings account and noticed that they offer CDs as well. Hmm...I ponder. I would only want to put half into a cd for now (half of my savings that is) and leave the rest there to gather dust. So, I find a CD calculator to check out interest...eeeeh...not very groovy. So, I go back to square one. Need to do some research to figure what to do to start a retirement plan. Gotta start soon.
Also need to look for part time job and put all of that money into savings/investments (minus a small fee for pedicures...hey, I need my foot care dammit) and towards mortgage (if I can get one).
Applied for 3 more openings at Tucson Medical Center and 1 more opening at Northwest. I was turned down for one at Northwest but the other one shows my application as "passed on." Now, does this mean, "passed on" as in, "No thanks, I'll pass." or "I shall pass this to you, for I feel that this person is of interest." I shall call on Monday on my way to the Real Estate agent. I will get to the bottom of this!!!

I checked out Intuit, but nothing of my qualifications or interest seemed to pop up, I'll have to check again on Monday. My internet options are limited for Monday as the big boss will be here. I'm saving all my filing so I have something to do. Woo! I got to play in Excel a little today, so that kept me busy for a bit. Yesterday I managed to take the entire day to move pictures into Word and give some captions for them. We are taking pictures of the job site and the progress of it. It's kind of interesting to watch it come up from the beginning, kind of like when April posted pictures of her house being built. So, that was fun. I need to straighten my desk up before I leave. I also got my driver's license yesterday. I look pissed and dead. YAY! Just the look I was going for. I get to take that to open the new bank account today. *sigh* moving sucks. :) :) :)

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