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Terri Schiavo

Ok, everyone is talking about it. So, I'll just add my piece :)
I've been following this story for a while, being from Florida, I had heard about it back in 1998 when he wanted her to be removed from the feeding tube the first time.
Some people say, "He's in it for the money!" "He just wants to move on." "Let her parents take care of her."
People are missing the big picture here. She didn't want to be kept alive like this.
End of case, there you go, she said, "No, don't let me stay "alive" like that."
Not only her husband has said this, but two other people have corraborated this statement.

Now, this argument, "He kept her alive for 8 years before he made this decision."
Have you heard of hope? He had hope that the woman he loved would come back. When hope leaves, it's a cold day and you only have a t-shirt to wear. He realized, "She's never coming back to me. It's time for her to go."
Then, her parents said, "No, she must stay alive."
"No, she's not coming back and she didn't want this anyway."
"Doesn't matter, we love her."*
Ahhh...there it is. We love her. But, if you love something, set it free, right?
Loving is honoring wishes. I have told my mother that I want my body donated to science, then, if there are cremains, they can be scattered if anyone chooses to do so. She said my dad might have issues with that. Um, I don't care, these are MY wishes. If he loves me, he'll honor them. I've decided to leave directives with 2 people in case anything is to happen to me. Not a will, a directive. It will be notarized too :)
Back to this case. So, the parents say, we should make this decision, we're her parents. Ah, but here's the rub...she's married. Didn't her father, acting as representative for both parents...give her away to her husband???
Then, JEB stepped in (I use all capitals, because JEB is actually his initials, John Ellis Bush, in case you didn't know) and said, "I have more power than that judge...I'm the GOVERNOR!!! BWAHAHAHAH!!" and he said, "Terri's Law" would save her life. Back to square one, another judge says, "Um, no...she can die. Thank you drive through."
Twice (three if you count the first time) this woman has come close to dying, only to be brought back to stay in her vegatitive state.

I have nothing but empathy for the husband and the parents. Of course, you don't want to lose a loved one, but, sometimes, you just have to let them go. Keeping Terri here in this manner is nothing but selfishness on the part of the parents to hold on to their child. And I understand it completely. That is probably one of THE greatest pains in the world...losing your child. Losing that person that you helped to create. I know I would probably be incosolable if something happened to the twins, but NOTHING compared to what Brandi would feel.
The thing a lot of parents forget is that it get easier every day to remember to breathe, to eat, to sleep. You keep moving on, because that person stays alive in the memories that you have of them. We are all memories to someone else, even though we are still alive and our ancestors are memories to us. We are a race of memories.
And for those who would call Michael out on having a girlfriend...he's human. He's a man. He's got every right to have moved on with his life...he moved on 7 years ago...or he tried to, but her parents and JEB said, "No. She gets to stay."
And, when I say "moved on" I do not mean it in a cold way, I mean it in a survivalist type of way. Wallowing will get you nowhere. Wallowing breeds more despair and while wallowing may be easier than moving on, Michael has found the strength to move on.

May whatever deity they believe in help them all through this tough time.

I'm not even going to get into how the politicians of this nation have turned this into a cause celebre. FUCKERS.

*All conversations are figments of my imagination, but I think they probably went closely to what I have outlined.

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