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So, I was poking around the Arizona Daily Star (or whatever it's called) online version of the paper and came across the top 201 employers for Southern Arizona. I came across a company called LP&G (or something) and they are a marketing/PR firm. This is sort of what I got my degree for, but not quite. I didn't get into the PR stuff, instead went more into the ratings/media type stuff. But, I wonder...is this something I could do? Is this something I'd be willing to do? Would I be happy working for a marketing firm? Is it perhaps worth a few minutes of my time to send an email to the employment person there and express interest in the company? I have no formal experience in that field, save for a promotions internship at a radio station, but, I mean, I didn't have construction experience and managed to do ok in that field.
I'll have to think about this...the pay average seemed VERY good, which, that would help me get a house :)
Sleeping on it may be the way to go on this one. Just as long as i don't pass out on it.

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