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Get The Government Out of Our Wallets! (Except for the money.)
This post from Left2Right reminds me of something I once heard my father-in-law say about the federal debt :"By God, why should the taxpayers have to repay it? The government ran it up, let the government repay it.” Not too much later he was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s.

Here’s the post, by MDS:

“As several of us here seem to agree, Social Security is a disastrous intrusion of the federal government that forcibly hijacks our money while pretending that we’ll get it back someday. Hopefully, more Americans will begin to see this, and we can move toward the liberty of personal accounts invested for us by the federal government, in investments that are approved by the federal government, and from the eventual proceeds of which the federal government will claw back the original investment plus its three percent fee. But every account will definitely yield much more money than this, because it’s invested in the stock market. That’s a guaranteed result that a government entitlement program could only dream of. Best of all, the transition costs can be financed by the federal government borrowing even more money from future revenues. Just as long as the federal government is kept out of it, I’m happy.”

taken from:

I don't know whether to laugh...or weep.

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