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Furnishing a new life

So, put in the money for the application at the apartment. Took April on a quickie tour of it, she gives it seal of approval. Perhaps I'm getting a little too ahead of myself...let me back up.
5:45 a.m.
*push cat off, roll over and hit snooze bar
5:54 a.m.
*turn alarm off and roll out of bed. Get up and start water for coffee.
6:30 a.m. start car and make way to first sale of the day...that's right...6:30 in the morning for garage sales. WOO!!

First sale of the day...The Villages of La Canada. Supposedly 600 homes with the possibility of them all participating in this sale. Alas, no, they weren't. Although, I did get a French press and a set of small plates and coffee cups that are tres tres fab and oh so 1970s. I also got some tv trays and April got a cactus pot. :)
We stopped at a couple more houses along the way in the Villages, but were overall...not a great shopping experience.
So, next stop...THE ESTATE SALE!!!! Wooo!!!
This was a 3 bedroom house that had a Queen bed that I was quite interested in obtaining if it was in good shape. I was in luck, I got to the bed first and quickly laid claim to it. $100 for mattress, boxspring and frame. Heavy duty metal frame too. I also got a Brita pitcher and a set of stainless steel mixing bowls. Yeah daddy. $120 after all said and done there. So, we made plans for us to pick up the bed later in the day. They asked for us to wait until after 2 p.m. because that's when the stuff went on 50% off and that is when stuff gets really really busy. So, we said our farewells and headed out to some other great sales. We also got a flyer from the estate sale peeps who are having 2 sales next week...we are so going. Anyways, we hit another moving sale (I picked mainly moving sales because I was looking for furniture) and got an armchair, 2 end tables and April got some Pyrex (covered) dishes for $70. Sweet.

We found a few more sales and then headed to Costco where I got my membership card (first ever) and we were going to walk around a bit, but I realized that we still had to drive back to the house, get the truck and then come back down to midway between the house and my new place to pick up the stuff I got. When we got back to the estate sale, they were all "PLEASE TAKE STUFF...FOR THE LOVE OF GOD!" So, I got a 3 speed bike for $20...I need to put air in the tires though and clean it up a bit, it's a little dusty. Otherwise, an excellent buy for $20. April got some stainless steel measuring cups for $2. After 3 p.m. stuff was 75% off. :) :) :)

I heard sales!!! So, this week I'll be taking stock of what I have exactly and the stuff that I will still need (shower curtain, dish drain, etc). I am so close to everything in this new place...I am so excited!! WOO!! :)

Right now we are watching the AZ vs IL game...April apparently REALLY hates Illinois...I have no idea what this is all about, but I said I would watch the game with her...I'm really just kind of zoning out...finding my chi as it were. Need to start repacking some stuff. Moving kind of sucks...but the shopping for it is great. :)

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