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*insert obligatory zombie, vampire, living dead joke about our Lord and Savior here*

So, uhh...wtf? EVERYTHING IS CLOSED!!!
See...Easter in the cities I was in in Florida...yeah, things just opened later really...but...just about everything was closed. April and I were going to go to Ross so I could perhaps get some sheets and towels for new place and discovered it was closed. We figured, well, it is only 10:30, so let's get something to drink at B&N. Got a latte and a Mt. Dew and walked around for a bit "compulsively not shopping" and then about 11:30 we headed into the mall...still no signs of activity, just people walking about in a zombie like trance "SAAAALESSSSS SAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALESSSSSSSSSS" you know...instead of "Braaaaaaaaaaaaaaaains" :)
It was kind of funny actually, the lost look on their faces. So, we had lunch at Thunder Mountain Railroad Rollercoaster Country and left there about 12:30...and Ross was still closed. So, we gave up and went to the other Ross...closed...so we went to the Tucson mall...open...barely. Sears was open. I found a body pillow (yay!) and got a mattress for my "new" bed.
Then, we were browsing through the appliances and I said, "hey! let's go to target!"



So, we came back and now we are waiting on some photos to process at Walgreens so that we can get some framing done for me and my aunt and april's aunt. Good times.

Ok, now we are going to watch some xtian video about the rapture...yeah daddy.

Happy Easter and Spring Rituals and stuff.

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