LocaKitty (locakitty) wrote,

The Boredom Strikes Back

Oh man. You know...I was told that the lady would be here today to show me how to use this software to keep the invoices and all that nonsense organized for billing, etc. No...not here. Computer isn't here either. *bangs head on desk*

So, I've pretty much spent my day getting my life in order, transferring accounts and what not. Tonight I'll be sitting down and organizing my financial files. I did do a couple of contracts today, that was at least something interesting. Fixed the wording on one part of it...and spelling errors. Why these people couldn't run spell check is BEYOND me.

Oh, and IKEA was open yesterday...April and I should have gone there :)

Anyways, looks like Target may be the way to go for a few things and Bed Bath and Beyond for the others. Target now has the option of searching for kitchen products based on color. Want a blue kitchen? Target.com, red kitchen? target.com
Insane. Here I thought I was being all edgy...no...bet, they didn't have avocado green unfortunately. I would have cleaned them out :)

I have quite a list of things I need/want, but am well on my way to getting them all, thanks to April getting me a french press at that yard sale and finding groovy dishes at the other yard sale.

I am wondering something though...am I allergic to Tucson?? My nose is just insane right now and I've got this constant scratch in my throat...but I don't *feel* bad or anything, just uncomfortable. Is it the blooming of things or am I just imagining everything?

I think I'm gonna do the crossword now...at least that will give me something to do :)

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