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Words I Never Thought I Would Say...


That's right, I made you click to find out why I said that :)
He declined to join the Schindlers in the political circus that is the Woodside Hospice House, where people are having to go through 3 security checkpoints to see their loved ones. Jesse Jackson...oh he's there.
The fact that these protestors are being disruptive to the other families is really bothering me the most. Probably a little more than the whole "government butting into private life" thing, because I remember being at the Hospice when my grandmother died. The fact that it WAS quiet made it all the better to grieve when she finally passed away after having being there for about 10 days.
Here's a blurb from the New York Times:
'Mr. Bell acknowledged a well-publicized account of a woman who said she missed her grandfather's death by minutes because she was stopped by police officers at the hospice entrance. His organization offered "our sympathy to the family," he said, but he added that the security delay was "minimal."'

I wonder if she would have been able to hold his hand as he passed on if she didn't have to dodge people banging on drums, strolling about with tape over their mouths and just causing problems. Causing problems for the people who work at the Hospice, the visitors and patients there isn't going to help your cause. If you feel that strongly about this, think about how much a silent protest could do, to show your true respect for life and the choices that people have made by shutting your fucking mouth and letting people do what they need to finish or begin their journey of life.

So, in conclusion, I thank Al Sharpton for declining to be a part of the media/political circus that is Woodside Hospice House no matter what his reasons are. Yay Al Sharpton! :)

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