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Food Review: Create Cafe 5553 E. Grant Rd www.createcafe.com

So, I decided to be all different and get lunch from someplace new today (plus, I forgot to pack a lunch, silly me).
I headed away from the Carl's, Jr. (while I am in love with the Spicy BBQ burger, you have to know when to say no) and up Grant Rd. towards the Create Cafe. It's next to Paco's Mexican Drive Thru and a little Dog Grooming Salon. There is a small outdoor seating area in the shade where a couple was enjoying something resembling food.
Inside it's quite tight but cozy. There are a few tables with chairs and a bench to sit down and something resembling a waiting room. Lots of stuff on the walls, very funky and eclectic. I don't think I heard music playing, just heard the rumbling of my tummy. The guy who waited on me was very sweet and even spelled my name correctly (having got it from my Visa) and pronounced it correctly too. That made me happy. The food is not all vegetarian, there are meat sandwiches as well. Roast beef and turkey are the big lunch meat selections. They also make smoothies and have espresso drinks. I decided on the Veggie burger and a regular chai. For $8.88 I am quite full and have found a very tasty place to get some good food. Unfortunately, they close at 3:15 p.m. and are also closed on the weekends, but they do do catering. I should set up a Saturday catering schedule for my apartment :)

The service was fast and friendly though, I was in and out in less than 15 minutes, which, sometimes is more than I can say for a fast food place. I am sipping on my chai right now and it's quite tasty, could be a little less sweet than it is, but, hopefully, that's not an all the time thing.

3.5 out of 5 stars :)

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