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Ordered a cable modem, yippie! Got it for $30 on ebay (including shipping). Got my clothes put away, for some reason I felt like I had more than I actually do, then I saw the pile by the couch/futon. Oy.
The cats seemed pleased with the new place. Vera is enamored of the "bar" and like to sit there but is pissed that she can't be on top of the cabinets. I saw her contemplating sitting on top of the refridgerator but the bread was in the way.
I spent $200 at Safeway last night. Two hundred freaking dollars. Guess what...I don't have anything to eat :) Just kidding. So, the kitchen, essentially, is done. Bedroom is almost done, mainly what's left to do is hang up some pictures, put up dvd shelves, get books in bookcase and desk in at some point. I think there is a coffee table floating around in the ether somewhere. Clean up my bike. Chase the cats.
I think I might do some pictures this evening. I got my musician's painting up. It looks awesome in the living room :)

I also got a needle and thread so I can start sewing some patches on my bag that I got at the estate sale. There are merit badges in there, need to research them so I can see which ones I want on the bag and which ones I can frame up. Apparently, this guy was an Eagle scout. Hardcore daddy-o.

Ok...have to do more "work" (read: have to find other things to goof off with)

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