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You know, people who know stuff about networks piss me off. They know how to make you need passwords and stuff. Bastards. So, until I get the modem I won on eBay yesterday I am sans internet except at work (although, this is not entirely a bad thing, as I am getting some stuff done). Anyways, I was using the computer last night to do my checkbook and my wireless card kept trying to connect me somewhere and it found a network that was unsecure!! Woo!! Very very weak signal though. Lost the connection after about 2 minutes. Ah well. So, after I was done with the checkbook (I needed to see if I could get a coffee grinder this week or next) I hung up a few more pictures. Like the silly kitty pictures my mom gave me for my birthday last year (I have no idea what she was thinking, but it turns out it's just silly enough to go into the bathroom), hung up my Mexico find of Villa and Zapata in the hallway. The red lady is also in the hallway as are wedding photos (I've been to too many weddings, have another one to go to this year, actually 2, but I can only make 1 of them).
I was going to do some cooking and stuff last night, but I am sorely lacking in pots/pans/baking sheets. Just more crap to order. Maybe I can find a good deal online or hit a thrift store this weekend. I'm going to attempt to tackle the DVD shelves this evening. I need to call the people who manufacture my clothes hamper as it is missing the screws and allen wrench. Nice, huh? Just, you know, the shit you need to assemble it. Need that sent out to me and then I can put that together. Oh yeah daddy. I'm hoping by Sunday to have a fully assembled apartment (minus bookshelf and clothes hamper). If anything, I want the boxes out of the main areas so I can walk around without stubbing my toes anymore.

In other news, after playing on my computer, I sewed the patch from the Ozomatli concert onto my bag (the bag from the estate sale) and one of the merit badges (for scholarship) just to balance it out a bit. Plus, it gave me something to do while I watched "Must See TV" which wasn't very must see to be honest. I am thinking that I can't handle "The Office" because...it hurts me. It's not that it is a bad show, but I think it just makes me sad that this is the life of a lot of us and I can't deal with it. So, yeah, did some sewing (probably going to start searching for fabrics soon for the screen April gave me). Tonight, DVD shelves and cleaning of the bike. Need to find a local bike shop (like, local to where I live, you know, within walking/riding distance for an out of shape couch potato) so I can get it all tuned up and what not. I pumped up the tires last night, that was fun times. I also need to leave a note for the person parked in my space. Need to keep the car under the cover of darkness and shit. Of course, there is some trepidation in this, I've dealt with parking issues before...it's never been good. Wish me luck with that. I also need my toaster oven from the office...I want toasted bagels dammit.

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