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Nothing important, skip if you want, but you know want to read it, you desire it...oh yeah daddy

Was on the phone with my mom trying to help her figure out how to set up their new computer. So, while I did that, I decided to do some cleaning/straightening/throwing out of boxes. And, I found the screws for the laundry center that I bought. So...yeah, I called them yesterday to send me more. Oops. That's okay though, that just means I get some mail that isn't about missing children and sales. I started to assemble the DVD shelves too and then was able to put them together following April's instructions. Except, it took me ten minutes to figure out the stabilizer thingies. I blame low blood sugar. Then I took off for Big Lots to get a baking/cookie sheet. I want to put things in the oven dammit.
Decided to get Pyrex for baking dishes, much hardier than metalware and easier to clean :) I still need to get springform pans at some point. I do like to make a lovely cheesecake every now and then.
Tonight will be going attempting to hang the rest of the pictures, going through the rest of the boxes to determine their placement in the rest of the abode. Looking at my DVDs...I am surprised at my lack of them, I thought I had a lot more than that. Of course, I may have some more in other boxes. :)
The parking situation has been handled. I am now in space 420. WOO FOUR TWENTY LIGHT 'EM UP!! %b %b
My door should be getting fixed today, it sticks. :(
The oven still smokes, but not as bad as it did the other night. I wiped it down with some vinegar and water and that seemed to help a little bit. Hopefully it'll get better, if not, I'll report the problem.
Walking to work is kind of fun. I get to listen to about 3 songs every morning on the way in and drink my coffee while I walk. What a commute!
The walk home...uphill...poorly thought out plan on my part. It's getting easier though.
What else..hmmm...oh, and I watched "Left of the Dial" on HBO (I ordered HBO for a month, then I'm getting rid of it, since I never watch it anyways...why? because they just show the same movie over and over again). Anyways, it was great seeing Randi Rhodes in action, having only listened to her in action for the past, ohhhhh...15 years or so :) Also addressing some of the problems I was having with the media attention surrounding the launch of Air America, i.e. focus on Franken and Garafalo while the actual radio professionals were either glossed over or not mentioned at all, like Katherine Lamphur (SP?), Randi Rhodes and Mark Riley. Yeah, so that was fun, get to mail that to Heather now, along with the stuff I got for her from El Mexico. I also need to mail out my new address to peeps. Should be fun times :) I thought about sending pictures from kitt peak or something, but, I don't feel like spending the $$ on it.
Ok, so, tonight...more apartment fun! yay! :)

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