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Coffee...COFFEE NOW!

So, this is day three. No caffeine. I broke and had a cup of decaf...does this mean I'm a bad person?

Last night was my first yoga class. Very interesting. We aren't doing too many of the pretzel moves, which is good, because I can't even begin to think about doing something like that. I'm a bit sore right now, from all the stretching, but it's good soreness.

I also got a promotion at the coffee shop. I'm now a supervisor, making 50 cents more an hour. Woo!! I just have to jump on everyone and make sure everything is stocked and come up with specials, etc. Our sales have been down for the past two weeks. Season is ending, that's one reason, but we need to get more employees over to us. Instead of drinking 60 cent crap coffee, we have to get them to drink $1.25 good coffee, or a $3.25 latte. Either way really. :)

My dad still hasn't found a job. My mom may be getting hers back soon. She goes to the doctor on Monday to go over her disability test. Hopefully by the 21st she'll be back at work.

I still have to reserve my copy of Harry Potter. I also need to reread #3 and #4 so that I will be refreshed as to what is going on when #5 comes out.

Yeah, that's about it. Oh, and my friend and old roommate, Bobbie, is coming over at the end of the month. We are going to see Sheryl Crow at Sunfest, so, that's cool.
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