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*note to self: you do not like to eat in the morning, remember that so you stop making so much food*
I was awakened at 5 a.m. to Vaash puking. Fun. Need to figure this out, I think he has a lodged hairball because this has been a recent development and he still has some appetite. Weirdo. So, I had already planned on getting up at 5:30, so what's a 1/2 hour between friends, right? Went down to the "fitness center" for the apt. complex and discovered that they have no weights. Just 2 treadmills, 2 ellipitical machines and a bike. I chose the bike. There is at least a tv in there, so I was able to watch the Bloomberg report while I pedaled away. Did 4.85 miles. Not too shabby. Legs aren't on fire, yet. Made 2 eggs with some bell peppers and cheese. Too much food. You know, I always thought that these breakfast plans with 1 egg in the morning were insane. No, 1 egg really is enough. *burp*
So, tomorrow, 1 egg. That's right, 1 egg with peppers and cheese. The cheese is just so good, so are the peppers. mmmm
Anyways, i used my new coffee grinder this morning too, it's very lovely. I also need to learn how to secure a wireless network so that I can be all stingy with my internet connections :) oh and not lose information and stuff.
I'm going to go pass out now. I wish I could, but noooooooooo, I gotta be at work! I need to figure something out for weight training. Minus bench pressing Vera, while heavy enough, probably wouldn't appreciate it. She's fussy. Vaash probably wouldn't care, but he's not heavy enough. *grumble* Time to start pricing the Bowflex :)
Anyways, I think today may be a filing day, have quite a stack to go through.

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