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Please don't bite me with teeth

Yeah, lame title, whatevs. :)
So, April and I went to City Limits to go listen to the new NIN album "With Teeth." The local rock station was having a listening party and April suggested we go. Ok, really, she said, "YOU HAVE TO GO TO THIS!!"
Like good little fan girls we decided to go. We both dressed in the brightest shirts we owned :D because, that's what you are supposed to do. Stood in line to get in, I got the 3rd degree from the guy checking licenses. Not really, but he was being really careful with the license checking, it was interesting. We saw someone's mom there. She got a scrutinizing look at her ID as well. ????
So, we got into the bar and had to walk around to the other side of the bar to keep the drinks away from the kids (it was an all ages show). Chris gave April instructions to buy a round, so I got a beer called Fat Tire...mmmmmmm it's tasty! We decided to see if we could luck out on getting a seat. Alas, they were all taken, but there was a guy sitting by himself, so April went over to see if we could share the table with him. He was totally down with it, so that was cool. We settled in, thanked him for letting us sit down as we weren't down with the standing around. His name was Dan, really nice guy, total rock and roller, sweet tat on his arm. Anyways, April and I both bought him a round for his seating generousity (sp?).
The album is good. April had complete and total headbang on, I'm so proud of her :) We had a good time laughing at the teenagers not moving just moving their heads slightly so as not to betray any emotion regardig their like or dislike of the album. Very amusing. One girl was swaying. Just...swaying. At one point we thought she was asleep she was hanging her head so low and barely swaying at that point. Quite amusing. Our waitress had the longest hair EVAR and it was so pretty. Wanted to touch it. Right, so, album = teh r0x0rz and I like it, and I pre-ordered it and got a little bit of vinyl heaven for pre-ordering. :D

Then April and I had a Long Island Iced Tea each and those are SO tasty and I like them. And some chips and dip. The cd was over and everyone was all, "woo!" and that was fun. That guy had to leave, so we exchanged email addresses because that's the wave of the future. Right, so, we had a good time. Fun was had by all, I got a record that I can't listen to because I don't have a record player right now, but that's ok. In a few weeks I'll have the new album and all will be well. :D :D :D :D

Oh, and we heard Cameo's "Word Up" while we were at the bar. Yeah, I knew the words. I'm so ashamed.

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