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Another Pleasant Valley Sunday

I have pretty much wasted an entire day and I feel great for doing it :)
I also wrote down 3 job leads, 2 PT and 1 FT (with the state, so, I'll check it out, it's about the same amount I'm making now, so what's the harm in trying?).

The cats are sleepy pants as well. I think I may make some dinner soon and then go to bed early, or at least settle in and read for a while. I checked out "Left Behind" by Tim LaHaye...yeah, so far, very amateurish writing, but, I'm hanging in there. I at least want to know what's going to happen when all the saved people disappear :)

Throwing the new NIN on my iPod so I can listen to it when I walk to work, one song at a time! Woo!!!

mmmk...going to go make meatballs.
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