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Yep, lazed around all day yesterday. Woo! I loved it. Probably (hopefully) one of my last weekends for doing such activities. Need part time job...la la la. Updated the checkbook. That wasn't very fun. Paying bills sucks. Hate bills. Only another 2 years on the car though :D yay!
Going to call the lady about the state job today as soon as both of the guys are out of the office. I also need to call subs and tell them to send in all their shit if they want to get paid. lazy bastards.
I was thinking about that artisan craft mall place on 4th Ave and wondering how much they charge for space there. Maybe frame up some of my photos and sell them to the tourists and locals (of course) or this might be something better to wait on until it cools down at this point since I hear this town slows to a crawl in the summer. Which, can be a good thing :)

I'm rambling. Going to file.

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