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Man, every now and then things happen that make you truly believe in karmic balance. So, Wednesday was free day...yesterday was EVERYTHING COSTS MONEY day.
First came a call from my student loan company telling me I'm past due. Great, I thought I was still in deferrment from being in school. So, there is about $300 to them from my savings (I don't have that kind of money laying around with rent due next week plus the rest of the stupid pet deposit). Then, I get home to find a letter taped to my door saying that I owe $8 for a final electric bill. WTF? So, I get to call and find out what the hell that is all about. Then I open my State Farm statement, it tells me I'm past due. WHAT THE LIVING BREATHING BLOODY HELL IS GOING ON??? It seems that they didn't do the auto withdrawal that I had signed up for. (10:00 a.m. - finds me on the phone with State Farm, seems it was all a mixup, I received that in error, they are still processing credits from my Florida account. Money isn't coming out until NEXT month).
Ok, so, one problem solved. Thank heavens. Tomorrow I am going to the cycle shop near my house to see about getting the seat adjusted on my bike. It's less than 2 miles away, I'll walk the bike there. Plus...it's downhill on the way back, EXCELLENT bike riding that way :)

I'm also debating cancelling my internet at the house. I'm only pirating music with it and sitting in IRC channels while people debate the merits of Dr. Who and whether or not Ian Anderson is a douchebag. Plus, I'm online all day long at work, last thing I want to do half the time is go back on when I get home. And...there's free wifi about 2 miles from the house. So, that gets me out of the house some more, too. I am also going full throttle to Target and this tobacco shop to apply for work. Need a PT job. Also, I am going to work on a query letter for a job with this marketing/ad agency that I saw in the top 200 employers in southern arizona from the daily star paper. Time to start using my degree. I'm tired of being a slacker, it doesn't get you anywhere. Gotta put the pedal to the metal man! woo!!!

If you need me, I'll be in that little ball in the corner.

*Update again (1:40 PM) Called rental office, the $8 is for power used for time billed to apt. complex that was not charged to my account. I also apparently didn't ever get a first notice. Glad things are clearing up a little bit, but still, why is everyone dropping the ball?)

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