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Today is a day of organization and stuff. Doing some laundry, good times good times. Mainly because I was running out of clean clothes and that is NEVER fun. Cleaned up the cat puke stains (*shoots dirty look at Vaash*). I cleaned the kitchen last night after making my bean burgers. I have a LOT of burgers, 12 left actually, so, I froze them and can make them for dinners this week. I don't even need bread they are so dense. Yay fiber! I put some flaxseed meal in the batch...I'm going to be very regular. Right, TMI. So, this evening, I'll be going through the boxes I have full of "desk stuff" and sorting papers and the like. I may not need a desk after all, need to see where I stand with this stuff. I may just use the bookcase as a holding area for the "desk stuff" (which is really just some stationary, etc) since I am using this tv tray as my desk in the living room (meaning: this is where the laptop is). I'll have to see. Also, thinking of setting up the sewing machine on the "dining room" table to start making that pillow for Vaash on the bottom of the bookcase. Organization can be fun! :) Almost time to get the clothes out of the dryer...yay!

Also, for those of you who like some ambient, yet edgy, music, listen to my friend Raul. You can do a search on iTunes for Raul Regalado and his album is I Didn't See the Curve Coming (http://phobos.apple.com/WebObjects/MZStore.woa/wa/viewAlbum?playListId=44102072&originStoreFront=14). Also, you can order from cdbaby.com (http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/raul2).
Help a brotha out and buy his album, I am really enjoying it right now while I clean and organize :)

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