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Got a call from a potential PT job candidate. Yay! Meeting with them tomorrow for a skills test. Only need to type 40 wpm...HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAH
*cough* sorry...excuse me. Anyways, so, yeah, that's not a problem, and it looks like it pays pretty well for a PT job too, and since I've asked to work afternoons/evenings I get shift differential. Hellz yeah baby! So, testing tomorrow, keep fingers crossed. I also emailed my query letter to that marketing/pr firm that I read about in the Daily Star. Let's hope they like it and are all, "hey, you should work for us, lol!"
One can hope.
Tonight...finishing desk stuff organization. I have to find the tickets to David Sedaris too. I know I put them somewhere over there *points that way -------->* (I really did that so that April would look to her right, I remember that from an old amp-f post...heheheeheh).

Right, ok, so, back to "work," if I don't fall asleep first.

Oh...and my hair is down today. Yeah, that's right daddy-o...and...I noticed another gray hair. *sigh* Another one earned.

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