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know when to fold 'em know when to walk away know when to run...oh, sorry. *ahem*
Right, so, last night, I biked to Albertson's. That's right. I did it. Yes, it's only 1 mile, but still, I biked 1 mile! Woo!
Then there was the whole walking around the store (only using a hand basket GREATLY reduces your desire to impulse buy, because it gets too heavy). Now, besides the fact that albertson's is closer than safeway, I also prefer to shop at this one because it has self checkout. How freaking awesome is self checkout you ask? Let me tell you. With the exception of it being all "HAY! RESCAN THAT YOU BASTARD!" it's very convenient and you don't have to make small talk with someone who isn't interested in you. You know how it always goes:
"Hey, how's it going?" <---see, you are happy because YOU aren't working
"Great. How are you?"
"Doing just dandy."
*beep* *beep* *beep*
"Take a check?"
"Yes. I need your ID."
"Ok, can I borrow your pen?"
and so on.

So, here you are, ringing yourself out and bagging yourself, because, I also have a problem with the people bagging my groceries as they pay no attention to the way things should be separated. Yes, I know, I have issues. So, I proceeded to carry about 20lbs of groceries on my back and side (2 bags, brought my "messenger" bag just in case) and rode back the mile to my apartment. I almost didn't make it back my quads were en fuego. I wound up walking the bike back the last little bit, so tired. But, it felt great knowing that I can do it! Woo! *jumps around* Ok, not so much jumping...legs are still kind of sore.

Anyways, so tonight is going out with people from April's job, that's fun, getting home in time to watch new ER and then bed. I also saved myself about three days worth of torture by reading the end of this book I checked out of the library, "Oh, shitty ending. OK. Need more books from the library." Probably do that this afternoon. :) I wasn't really feeling anything for the characters and the writing just seemed forced intellectualism or some such...it was boring me.

OMG I was flipping through channels last night and came across Kirk Cameron's show on TBN. They were "disproving" evolution. I found it quite interesting to see how they used language to manipulate the viewer into "going to their side." I was almost ready to call Kirk Cameron and beg forgiveness for laughing at him on Growing Pains and accept Christ as my lord and saviour and pledge $50. Then Vera bit me.

Speaking of Vera, she was insane with the meowing this morning while I made my lunch and was all through my legs, either trying to kill me or trying to scam food off me. I gave her a little piece of the lunchmeat that I had. That seemed to appease her. Then I was putting some cream cheese in a tupperware container and she starts up again. Hello, Vera...you are lactose intolerant. So, I denied her that little treat. It is so rare that she is that vocal with me that I felt I had to treat her to something. I should have thrown some nip down for her. Tonight I will. Her eye is better and it looked like it was starting to spread to the other one, but I think I staved it off. thank you saline solution.

Let's recap...saw Kirk Cameron preaching the word of the Lord and telling us sinners to repent. Saw him using "logic" to "disprove" evolution. Rode bike to Albertson's and bought groceries. Vera was meowypants for chicken (this is not a surprise). Saved some days by reading ending first of crappy book, going to get more books from library. OH!! Yeah, I totally rocked my skills test at the interview last night. I think I've got the job. Woo! Then I find out that 8/31 they are phasing out night shift. Great. So, I at least have a PT job until 8/31. I could probably move to day shift or something, I'll have to see if I can move up there, or if I would want to. If they pay some good $$$, then I'm all about it. :)

Ok, tons to do today (well, not really tons, but some stuff). Later chitlins.

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