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So, as parilous mentioned, we went to the happy hour last night. Quite the adventure getting those balloons, let me just tell you. I can't even go into it, but, if you are ever at Broadway and Craycroft...AVOID THE PARTY CITY THERE. IT IS THE 4TH CIRCLE OF HELL.


Anyways, this evening shall find me at the library getting the next installment (hopefully) of the Left Behind series. I can't help it, it's drawn me in. The writing is so bad! It's delightful! I mean, I think the flight attendant is going to become the whore of babylon. Hellloooo...FORESHADOWING!!

Right, I may go ahead and prime the bookcase tonight and if it is still light enough out, paint it. It should only need one coat. I *may* hold off until tomorrow to do it though. I also have to go to Target and return the resistance bands as the box is missing one band and the exercise guide. Yeah, I know right?!?!??! I may do that tonight instead. I also have some food that I have to separate and prep for the weeks meals. *sigh* SO MUCH TO DO! I love it :)

Also must clean. April coming over Saturday so we can go see David Sedaris. So excited!!! Must remember to take book for him to autograph. Love him so much. La la la la la la.

Yeah, I'm pretty much braindead at this point. Loving it.

OK, gotta run. See if I can write this article or not.

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