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1. Move bookcase into bedroom
2. Pay rent
3. Find out where closest Gold's Gym is and get free year membership instead of toaster oven and food processor.(Can you believe they have no idea where it is? I'm going to look it up in a bit)
4. Return resistance bands to Target (as they did not have everything in the package) and get cat food.
5. Clean apartment.
6. Do some laundry.
7. Debate painting dresser pretty red color.
8. Write articles.
9. Watch Garden State.
10. Get ready to go see David Sedaris.
11. Torture kitties.(1/2 done)
12. Make tons of lists for no real reason.
13. See if can change parking space to closer one. Not right now apparently
14. Fret uselessly about stuff.
15. Put stuff on bookcase in hope that I can finally get rid of every box in this apartment. (1/2 done)

Yeah...yeah...that should be enough :)

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