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Working four days a week (really only one extra day) starts next week for me! Woo! I got the part time job doing data entry. Thank goodness I didn't have to apply to Target. Gah. i mean, discount would have been nice, but I think I will cry if I have to work retail again. I mean, beyond me working for myself in a coffee shop :)

So, this month is still probably going to be tight with money, but next month the cushion starts getting made and I can breathe a little easier. I think this month would have been ok except for my Student Loans coming due. *sigh* But, it looks like I can qualify for 20 years, I think i already mentioned this though. Right, perhaps a more thought provoking post later. I am eating my pasta right now. Yum!

Tonight I make oatmeal buttermilk cookies. :D

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