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I have managed to do absolutely NOTHING today. :)

I do need to get moving on Monday, have a few invoices to enter (they were working on Draw #1, so I don't feel too too guilty about not getting those in right this second). I meant to mention this the other day...I saw something called "Soyrizo." Yes, that is tofu chorizo. I don't know what to make of this. I LOVE chorizo. It is one of the best foods ever invented. I just don't know what to make of fake chorizo. Would eating this be a smack in the face of all of my Mexican ancestors. All that they fought for (yeah, because they beat the French, that's what yesterday was all about, Thank You April) and then I go and eat Soyrizo.

I'm tempted though. If I could still get the great taste of chorizo and a quicker cooking time (this you just saute, otherwise you burn it) and less grease (ok, NO grease!) which means no heartburn, I could probably be swayed. I would just have to keep it a secret. I also ran out of half and half today. I don't plan on buying anymore anytime soon because I don't need it anymore. Whipping cream is a WHOLE OTHER story :)

I'm not becoming a vegan, but, I think I am getting close to having a very very very simple diet (with the exception of soyrizo, because, that sounds like a lot of work went into it) of veggie stir fry and long grain enriched rice. Mmmmmm rice!

On to book reviews. I am 5/6 of the way through book 2 of the Left Behind series. This book is called Tribulation Force, so named because of four of the main characters have banded together to start getting ready to survive the next 7 years of tribulation. Right. So, in this book, Nicolae Carpathia, whom we are beginning to know more and more as the Antichrist, has finagled his way into owning ALL of the media outlets (radio, tv, satellite and print).

I found this interesting. I'll tell you why. Tim LeHaye is a HUGE Bush supporter. This book seems to be very against state run media (which, c'mon, who wouldn't be? it's propoganda, hellooo) and here we have the government stepping in more and more into what the media will be allowed to show to the public at large. We are moving towards state run or one owner media conglomerate and...that's ok??? But...this book says it's not. I am becoming confused! Otherwise, the book is continuing on with preparing the reader for the impending martyrdom of the new Christians (true Christians mind you, they fully believe in Christ and stuff, not those faux Christians we have running around all over the place).

Actually, there was a bit in the book about how Jesus was a radical and it was almost in awe of that. I am boggling!!! I am *tempted* to bring this book to the gym to make the cardio portion a little easier on me...but, I think I would get weird looks or something. I'll stick with the magazines that I see laying around. "oooo People!"

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