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I am going to kill Vaash. He kept me up most of the night with his meowing to get outside. I finally moved the box from underneath the window to make him unable to get to the window thus curing him of sitting in my room and meowing. I was also able to shut the blinds the entire way to block out the porchlight from across the sidewalk.

Tonight is my first night at the new job. Hopefully it isn't the full four-five hours. I'm so freaking sleepy. I also don't know whether to bring food. I think I will just hold out, but take change in case there is a snack machine for me to use (if we get a dinner break). I don't know if this is a class type setting for orientation or a one on one thing. We shall see :) :) :)

I think I am going to make a pot of coffee (thanks for the idea, April).

I also sent in my cover letter and resume to this dude at the Red Cross about a public affairs officer job. I'm only asking for $30K salary, which, to me, I think is fair for a college educated, internet surfer who has ideas and is creative and likes to work under pressure (please review hurricane posts from 2004...i was JEALOUS of those who got to sit through the hurricanes, because c'mon, that's pretty cool! and I was thriving on the whole bring supplies thing). I WAS MADE FOR DISASTER RELIEF!!!

If I get an interview, I am so bringing up the hurricane crap. I will however, neglect to mention that I did not volunteer anywhere :) (hey, I had to go to my job, they weren't too keen on paying me to hand out water instead of taking time from the guys in the field).

Anyways, once I get home tonight though, it is straight to bed. I am just that sleepy.

OH, and those Left Behind books!! Wow. I'm telling you, if you cut out the proselytizing...these are great brain candy! I am totally digging on these. I wonder if I could persuade Tim LeHaye to let me edit out all the xtian stuff and resell them to the pagans out there. hmmmmmm

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