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Last night was my first night of training. I didn't know it was going to be for four nights this week, I thought just the nights I had said I could work and that was it. Nope. So, that just threw my week for a loop. But, it's paid, so what the hell, right? :) It also looks like I'm the most familiar with the forms (having worked with them for so long) so I was able to breeze through the computer training. It's supposed to take about 3 hours, I think I finished it in about 2 or so. Yeah...then I was bored. I really need to slow the eff down with stuff. But, this job looks like it is right up my alley, plug into the headphones and just type. Nice way to just zone out. This may become my new zen, four days a week. :)

Friday I had a missing DVD, and that made me rather upset, because this was the second time this had happened. Well, I left a note with the mailman and asked him if maybe he knew what happened to it, like he sent it back or something. He wasn't sure (I got his response yesterday) but he said he would ask. So, then I got an email from Blockbuster telling me that they received it back. So, that answers that question. I left him a thank you note and let him know the results and gave him 2 of the cookies I made on Sunday afternoon. Dark and White chocolate chip. mmmmmmmmmmm

I brought them for the meeting this week. I'm sure the guys will find them enjoyable.

I couldn't fall asleep last night. I also kicked Vaash out of the room. Shut the door. He kept trying to jump up to the window, thus hitting the blinds and making them move which caused them to make noise. grrrr. So, I kicked him out. I thought he would be scratching at the carpet and stuff, but only this morning did he do that because he was hungry. The food had run out (must buy more this week). This stuff seems to go much faster than the other stuff did. This angers me. I'll see if I can get a huge bag at petsmart this weekend.

I also need to find a way to eat food in less than 15 minutes three nights a week. Maybe soup is the way to go for dinner three nights a week. I'll have to start making soup. Mmmmm. :) I'm rambling because I don't want to work right now, but I have a bit of data entry to do and a few change orders to write up. I hope that dude from the Red Cross wants to hire me. That sounds like a fun job.

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