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I overslept. But, man, what a great sleep it was. Vaash woke me up this morning. I guess because he wanted the bed for himself. He tends to settle in where my feet were and where the sheet is all bunched up and he snuggles in for an afternoon of snoozing.
Such a hard life.

Yeah, so now I find out that some info that I put into our financial system apparently is screwed up somehow, and now things are being charged twice. While this is not earthshattering and can probably be fixed, it irks me because now we are having a 3 p.m. meeting when I am supposed to leave at 3:30 (and, trust me, I WILL be out of here by then) to find out why I'm incompetent. Oh, probably because I got a grand total of THIRTY FUCKING MINUTES of training and it WAS OVER THE PHONE.

such bullshit. :)

Yeah, taping ER tonight too. And uh, I think that's it.

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