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Busy busy busy morning.

I am finally allowed a moment of peace and reflection. :)
Turns out some purchase orders I entered were put in incorrectly. Big shock, considering I got about twenty minutes of training...OVER THE FREAKING PHONE. *cough*

Anyways, I start for real my PT job tonight. We do one week of one type of claim and then the 2nd week we do nothing but the other kind of form and then...we do whatever they tell us to do. Very exciting. I amended my schedule slightly, put it for 5-9:30 MW and 5-9 F and Saturday stays 6-2:30. I shortened my time tonight so I can make it the next day :) I am going to sleep so good Saturday night. And I am going to sleep in so long on Sunday. If I feel I can muster the energy, I think I will paint my dresser and do laundry. Need quarters. Dammit. Hate quarters. Pain in my ass. growl.

I just feel like griping pretty much. I need chicken wings and a beer...STAT! Maybe tomorrow night I will get some chicken wings and a six pack and just be gross and burp and watch Elf and throw bits of chicken to the kitties. yeah. exhaustion and beer are a GREAT combination.

I gotta go to the gym Sunday. Maybe Saturday if I can muster the energy (which, I'm sure, once I go, I'll be more energized).

that could counteract the chicken and beer i am hoping to consume. BEER

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