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Went to Target and got some glass bakeware. Yay! Now I can bake stuff on something other than a cookie sheet. I stupidly left my glass dishes at my mom's. When I go over for Christmas I'll mail it to myself, until then, this stuff is gonna do just fine. Although, I guess I could have her mail it to me, but that would probably take until about Christmas, so, this works too.
Target is also having a 50% off clearance on their $1 stuff. Normally, I wouldn't care, but they had some DVDs and CDs, so, hey, fifty cents and I got a couple of movies, the creature features were gone :( but I got a couple of other things. People had picked over the classic music cds, but I did get some Grieg and Schubert. I also got some blues, jazz, latin alternative and a couple of rock/alternative. (April, I got you a garden/landscaping program) and myself some budgeting software.

I am now addicted to Frozen Grapes. Red Grapes. I made some lemonade today, too. It is yummy. I may have another glass. I now retire to bed. I am sleeeeepy. :)

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