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Estate Sales not Taxes

It sounded good in my head anyways. :)

So, this morning was good. I had the obligatory wake up early and think I had to go to work thing going on. But, mainly because a huge lightening strike lit my room up like it was noon in El Paso. (how's that for imagery?) Then, I realized it was Saturday, and I didn't have to work (because sometimes I do) and so I fell back asleep until about ten, where I then laid in bed contemplating my day and what I wanted to do.

So, I got up, brushed my teeth, took my vitamins and went to a 4 estate sale near downtown in one of the many industrial districts. Nice stuff, a tad overpriced (I'm not paying $15 for a used Queen flat sheet and one pillowcase, thank you very much, I don't care how high the thread count is.)

I almost bought two king flat sheets for $10, just because they were lacy and would make good bedskirts, but I moved on to the art tent where I picked up a *fabulous* abstract piece. Only $5, and with very bright colors, will look great in my room. I need to do a total room makeover (just moving stuff around really) My feng shui is off I think. (oo just had a power surge, fun!)

Anynoodles, I think I shall go spend time with my godkids this evening, give mom a break, she needs it. Ta.
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