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Finally gonna be able to get off my ass and get this pillow stuff done. I got some pillows on freecycle. Yay! I have some material already cut out just need to stitch it together. I have to drive up to La Canada though, booooo. I'm all spoiled being down here and not having to drive that much anymore. Every time I drive, I get more and more frustrated around town. Everything I need/want to go to is on the wrong side of the road it seems. Ah well, no big deal. Need to dismantle futon tonight too. Laundry is a MUST tonight, I'm almost out of socks. Ask april, that's quite a feat. I almost bought some new socks I was so worried. I decided that would not be a good solution to the problem. I have also discovered the solution to my quarter needs. PT job has a change machine!!! It takes $1 and $5 bills. YAY YAY YAY! I got tired of harassing the bank tellers at Albertson's while they look at me with suspicion as to whether or not I have an account with them. Weirdos.

I'm still debating what to do with the space I will have without the futon there. If I had a table saw, I'd make myself some sort of bench or something. Or a regular saw for that matter. And a place to cut the wood. I wonder if Home Depot will cut it for me. Hmm...may need to sketch something out. Need a place to put all those pillows now. I am debating cutting the futon mattress and salvaging some of the stuffing. Then, if I make a new couch/bench, I will have something to make cushions with. Makes sense, no? I'm awfully gung ho about projects! Then I never do them. *sigh* Need to work on that :)

OK, almost time for weekly meeting where I am bored out of my mind. I didn't bring cookies this week, so, we have nothing to nosh on :(

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