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I baked close to 5 dozen cookies yesterday. Oy. My hips hurt today. I was thinking about hips this morning on my walk to work. I wonder if there is a positive touch receptor on hips. My messenger bag rests on my hip and it's a nice feeling. It's nice when someone you love comes up behind you and places their hands on your hips. I'm always happy to carry a kid on a hip. Positive pressure I think.

These are the things that I think about when I'm alone with my thoughts, that and "I wonder if dryer lint has feelings."

Ok, I don't really think about dryer lint having any capacity for thought or feeling. I was just bringing that as an example of how vague and silly my thoughts can be.

I may get to finish Demon Haunted World this evening, I have it on audiobook on my iPod. I put in an order for book 8 of the left behind series on cd so I can listen to it at work :) Book 7 I put in for regular book. Probably get to pick those up tomorrow. YAY! I finished book 6 last night, and it's a cliffhanger ending. It is amazing how much their writing has improved over six books. By the time I get to the 8 millionth, they should be akin to Shakespeare.

I think once I finish this series, I will begin on the bag of books that I got from a fellow freecycler. I also disposed of the futon frame last night to another freecycler. I have a big space in my apartment now. I am thinking of moving the table into that spot or getting a recliner. Not sure yet. I am contemplating creating kitty play area in the "dining room" spot. I think that might work out well. Will have to check it out. April is giving me her Littermaid, so I can set up that box in that area and keep the other box in the other area for now until I move it all around or something. I've been contemplating giving Vaash away, but, I can't do it. At least, he hasn't pushed me that far over the edge. I was joking with my friend Vic that I shouldn't say that too loudly because then Vera will try to get him in trouble. As he put it, (Vera): HEY VAASH!! LET'S GO PLAY ON THE DISHRACK!!!

She would totally do that I think. Naughty kitty. :)
He just wants to go outside, need to get him a harness, then I can walk him. Or...I could just tie him to the front door and let him roam within that radius. Heheheeh...that would be bad though. Not a lot of shade. 100+ degree heat and a black kitty do not a good combo make.

I watched Three Faces of Eve yesterday. I wasn't very impressed with it. I've got Secret Window and Training Day to get through now. Then whatever Blockbuster sends me next. I am tempted to switch over to Netflix through Wal-Mart. Hear me out on this...I am guessing Wal-Mart was undercutting both services, but Netflix just bought them out. So, they are offering people who sign up through WM that price for the next year. I'm going to go see how much it is. I will switch if it is a good savings, otherwise, I'll just stay with blockbuster.

OK...going to pretend to do paperwork or something here. :)

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