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Fuck Yeah (Title courtesy of dude behind me)

After a very late start, April and I set a course for Phoenix/Tempe (apparently, you can use these areas interchangeably, I am learning about the ways of the Arizonan) and Uncle Scott's house. We stopped at the Waffle House, they had a cook on this day, and I partook of a lovely grilled cheese sandwich and April had a bacon, egg and cheese on texas toast. Yum! Oh, and hashbrowns covered OF COURSE. We left and continued on our journey. We arrived in one piece at Uncle Scott's and watched some tv, caught up a little on stuff, they realized where they recognized me from and then, about 2:45 we left to get our tickets. All tickets had to be picked up at Will Call, so we were debating the pros and cons of waiting there until 6:30 or going to walk around for 3 hours. As we approached the window, we saw 2 radio stations setting up and about 15 or 20 very angtsy people waiting already with their coolers and umbrellas. We decided to leave and come back. I think I would have punched someone if they had been all, "Trent speaks to that part of me that doesn't want to live in this world anymore and gives me a chance to hang on." or something like that.
So, we headed for downtown Tempe and had a lovely chai latte and sat under the misters. April needed a hair tie or some sort, so we headed towards Hippie Gypsy. We needed something bright to match her purple vest and red shirt. I chose a nice light pink shirt to wear to the show. Yes, that's right, we werent' in black. We are hardcore. We are so goth...we head for the light. :)

We found a little boutique buried in some shops down the road and got a hair scrunchy (as Hippie Gypsy wanted $5 for a scrunchy, this guy wanted $1, he won). Then we decided we still had some time to kill, so we sat in a Greek restaurant and had baba ganoush and spanokopita and various other Greek treats and LOTS OF WATER. It's freaking hot out here, did you know that? Time to head back to the venue and park and get in line. Quite a few people in line already, we paid for parking and got in line and a lady behind me complimented me on my NIN patch on my little messenger bag. "I've never seen a red one, that is so awesome!" We then found out that they were "true fans" and had followed Nine Inch Nails for awhile, but now that they have a kid and all, they've slowed down a bit. They had brought their 12 year old to the Friday night show and she had a great time, despite being knocked down in the mosh pit and almost being trampled to death. We also found out that she had written a nasty email to Tom Delay (she used to live in Texas) and her mail mysteriously was missing for 3 weeks. Right. Then a friend of theirs was there and he was saying, "Yeah, I've been to almost every show this tour. Hitting up the next two shows next week. Should be good. I hope he plays *insert song title here* setlist tonight." I felt so undeserving to be in their acquaintance. The line started moving forward and then all of a sudden we hear, "Ladies, let's go, come with me, men step to the right, ladies, come on, don't be shy, let's go, get into this line here." First thought in my mind, "Does Trent know I'm here, and he wants to look over the ladies?" Then I remembered this was not a 1980s Motley Crue show and April said, "Oh yeah, we have to get searched by women, not men." Oh...ok. I was a little let down by that. :)

We had to remove our shoes. WTF?? Yeah, so, we get in and find a spot to sit for a bit. The venue was pretty small. April estimated that there were 2000 people there. I am thinking more like 1000, but, who knows? This is when the fun starts. I like to look at the tshirts that people decide to wear. Something I've done since watching PCU and learning to not be "that guy" who wears the shirt of the band he's going to see. I'd say about 50% of the people there were wearing NIN shirts from various tours as well as from this tour. I decided to not purchase the current tour shirt because as someone in line put it, "It looks like he just made some squiggles in paint and is charging us $30 for it." Good point. I dare say, it was worse than the Roger Waters' In The Flesh tour tee. If you've seen it, you will understand.

So, we sat and watched and my goal was to see a Pink Floyd shirt. It was met 3 times. I was so happy. About 10% of the crowd were in Tool shirts, saw 1 Alice in Chains, 1 Ramones, 1 Starsky and Hutch, 1 The Legendary Pink Dots, and 1 King Crimson. Also, a Mr. Bungle shirt, but that was not "cool" because they were slightly affiliated with NIN, so, that guy was disqualified. April *thought* she saw a Magma shirt, alas, it was a Star Wars shirt. Oh well, if it had been Magma, Dave...I would have gotten a picture of this guy because...that is cool. :) 2 guys were there in some sort of british punk goth thing...very Young Ones...very what SLC punk was against. No Union Jacks though, so that was nice. I'll let April talk about the firefighting, nursing school attending, next in line crime boss guy, as he was her special treat for the evening, but, I will say...he amused me greatly. I also felt a little sorry for him, too. Poor dude. Anyways, Dresden Dolls take the stage.

Tori Amos meets Ben Folds meets White Stripes, but...not good. They covered War Pigs. I took great amusement in that, but spent most of their set worrying that she was going to fall off her keyboard bench as she was very fidgety (and not very ladylike, I might add, just keeping her legs open whilst wearing a skirt. The kids today I say!). I was also wondering if the drummer was going to have a heart attack, but, he was quite amusing, with his funny faces and what not. Thankfully, that was over after only 5 songs. Lights come back up and now...where to stand? We knew that there would be a big push to the front, so we decided to go ahead and get to that area. We chose a spot stage left just slightly away from the speaker in front of a big fan. Not like a person who loves the band, rather an air moving device that keeps you cool in the heat. :)

We waited for the mike stand to be placed before we decided that this was the perfect spot. We wouldn't be able to see the light show, but it didn't seem that there were going to be any images, so I wasn't too let down about that. I had a perfect view of the man himself. So, the roadies were testing mics, setting up guitars and drums and just hustling, as good roadies do. I wondered to April if the roadies testing the mics had wanted to be rock stars themselves and rationalized that they still got some of the women, the drink and the life without the fame...but were they happy? We also wanted to hear anyone say "sibilance," alas, we were let down. Every now and then someone would yell out "ROADIE! WOOOOOOO! ROADIEEEEEEEEE!" More amusement was had. Then...the lights go down. The band takes the stage and we are brought straight to the rock that is known as

Trent rushed to the front and started us up with "Wish." SWOON!!! Not only have I been listening to this song quite obsessively for the past week (that and Physical) but it was great to hear it live. To hear the crowd scream "fistfuck" was even greater. To scream "fistfuck" was even greater.

Trent has some motherfucking pythons right now. He could probably give Hulk Hogan a run for his money right now. *sigh* Oh, and cute ass for days. Yes. Cute. Ass. Must. Spank. *rawr*
*cough* Sorry, review of show. Ok...set list.

The Line Begins to Blur
March of the Pigs
Something I Can Never Have
The Hand That Feeds
Terrible Lie
Closer/Only Time
Even Deeper
Love Is Not Enough
Gave Up
Starfuckers Inc
Head Like a Hole

So, like I said, "Wish." Awesome, great, did it so wonderfully. Just...rock out cock out, as Josh would say. Then, keep this party going..."Sin." Yeah daddy. More rawkin'. Keep rocking, don't stop. "March of the Pigs" was so great to hear live also, just the crowd participation and the faces he was making, just made it all the more exciting.

"Something I Can Never Have" is probably the song of the day, as...Trent is someone I can never have, especially since he won his court case and now doesn't need to stay with me in my apartment while he works at the Starbucks up the road from my house. I mean, sure, I'm happy he won and all, but, did he have to rub it in? Bastard. I still love him though.

The crowd reaction to "The Hand That Feeds" was quite surprising to me, as a few fans that I have been reading have not been very receptive to the song, too mainstream, too pop. I will admit, I was one of those people saying that, but it grew on me. Like a freaking fungus. It's also a great song to dance to at a show. :)

Ok, so, "Terrible Lie." I swear he looked like he was going to crack up laughing. It makes me happy to know that he realizes that 1989 was a while ago and that he's come a long way since then. I mentioned to April later that night that I hope he retires soon so that he's not pulling a Rolling Stones, nearing 70 and geezering across the stage. I also hope he forgoes the Vegas thing. Oy vey! Right, so, it makes me happy that he doesn't take PHM that seriously, he's moved on from that angst, etc. Good going Trent. Our boy is a man now. *sniffle*

"Burn" has never really been a favorite of mine, but I think Heather really likes that song, so I soaked it in for her, she was there in spirit you know, and just let is wash over me. I also spent this time drooling. *rawr*

So, I'm drooling and then he plays it. The sexy song. "Closer." Ok, seriously...I think I almost ripped my clothes off. He did some fancy tongue work, too. I *really* came close to ripping my clothes off. I think if he had gone from that song into "Perfect Drug" I would have. Luckily, the crowd was saved from that little show since he went into "Home" instead. National incident averted.

I kind of glazed over during "Home" and "Even Deeper" but was roused back when he began to play "Reptile," another great song. I don't know why I like it, but I do, I think that section of my Downward Spiral tape is almost broken from me listening to it all the time. Yes, I said tape. I have it on cd too, but the tape I've had longer :) Shut up! "Love Is Not Enough" *snooze* *startles awake* Yay! "Suck"!!!

So, when he started playing "Hurt" I got annoyed at the crowd. Hey, people...this ain't a singalong. I spent the entire song wanting to smack "Fuck Yeah" guy (I'll talk more about him in a bit) and staring at Trent's lower half. You can go from there. Right, so, I also caught a glimpse of a smirk on his face during this song as well, amusement is cool. :)

Shall we go back to rocking, please Trent? Yes, yes we shall..."Starfuckers, Inc." Now, I LOVED this song when the Fragile came out. I really did, because, it's a great rock out song. It's still okay, but the whole incorporated thing just seemed silly to me. I think I giggled a little during this song. Then..."Head Like a Hole" began. I began to hear it being sung in Trent's voice (as in, Trent from Daria). I kept giggling. I was still also rocking out. And then...it was over. That was it. Lights up. No encore? *sigh* Ok. I stood for a moment. Sighed happily. And began to wait until most of the crowd was out. I didn't feel like pushing and "harshing my mellow" as it were, to get out into the lobby.

So, a little about the events of the evening during all of this. There wasn't as much bodysurfing as I would have expected, and that was fine with me. I hate bodysurfing, I think it is ever more ridiculous than moshing. I know drunken frat boys came up with this, I just know it. Anyways, so, we're standing there, rocking out, fan blowing on us, keeping us cool. I was behind and kind of kitty corner to April (I was REALLY worried about protecting her feet from getting stomped on, she was just in clogs, I had workboots on) and there was another girl kind of in between us but off to the side. Next thing I know, I'm being shoved pretty violently and this girl is on the ground. I tried to get in between of whoever was pushing and April so she wouldn't get hurt and was about to swing when I realized it was a security dude detaining some shirtless guy who was very adamant that he not be caught. I don't know what the dude did, but I don't think he knew either, but him and his lady were ejected from the show. Someone helped the girl get up from the ground and we made sure that she was ok, then we continued rocking out. A song or two later, April decided to move but told me stay as long as I wanted, so, I said ok. She let falling down girl take her place. This girl couldn't have been taller than 5'5" or so. As she was letting girl take her place, this other chick was trying to move in, and I thought that she said, "Hey, can I cut through?" So I said, sure, go ahead. But, she wanted that space, so, April stopped her from getting in and falling down girl got it. Most excellent. About ten minutes later, skinny chick (the one who wanted in) asked me if April was leaving because of her. "Uh, no. I think she's going to the bathroom or something." "Oh, ok."
I was kind of confused as to why April left, she didn't tell me, but, hey, I was also staring at Trent, so, I kind of didn't care (sorry April) :D
There were two guys who amused/annoyed me near the end of the show. First was "Fuck yeah!" guy and his girl who had a higher pitched 'YEAH! FUCK! YEAH! WOO!" and then there was Lil' Jon guy. You know, of the East Side Boyz. Did the Get Low song. Yeah, Dave Chappelle parodied him on his show, he's the guy who says, "Yeah! Okaaaaaaaaaaay! Whaaaaaaaaat?"

Exactly. Amusing.

So, overall, GREAT FUCKING SHOW. I am so happy that my first time seing Nine Inch Nails live was in such an intimate setting. The area that we picked was perfect, as I could give a rat's ass about the rest of the band, only wanting to see Trent. The only thing that could have been better would have been directly in front of the stage, but I hate people crowding on me and I didn't want to be involved in a mosh pit scenario, so, off to the left was fine. We also didn't have any ringing in our ears since we were off to the side of the speakers. YAY!! And we didn't overheat thanks to a huge fan. We also got to see the barricade staff shirts. Yellow shirts with the giant smiley face. :) :) :)

Great venue, great show. GREAT GREAT GREAT. I am a fan girl...and I'm proud of it.

Oh...I also have hurt my neck from headbanging. I'm getting too old for this. :)

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