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I have been reading the New York Times series on class and what it means today, etc. How you would define someone who is lower, working, middle and upper class. It used to just be three, then four categories, now it seems that there are even more subcategories for "class." Which falls in with our whole subcategorizing culture. It's not pop/rock anymore, now it's pop punk, urban, speed metal or classic rock. You can even see it in our classification of our own eating habits, not just a vegetarian, but a vegan, lacto-vegetarian, ovolacto-,pescaovolacto-, etc. So, why not in class? Did you know that there is a "relo" class? These are people who have to move every 3-5 years because of work. They move from one suburb to another.

So, the NYT does a story on the relo class. I am left to wonder...am I to feel sorry for them? Should I find some way to relate with them? Is this article merely a way to inform me of their presence? Why don't they consider living within the city limits instead of the suburbs?

Then there is the article about status markers. This quote may be my favorite: "People like having stuff, and stuff is good for people," said Thomas O'Guinn, a professor of advertising at the University of Illinois who has written textbooks on marketing and consumption. I beg to differ, I did at one time believe that. I wanted to have all kinds of stuff. Needed all the DVDs, was jealous of people with hundreds if not thousands of CDs. Books, wasn't as much of a status thing as the fact that I just enjoyed seeing what I had read and going back to reference books. Clothes? Yes please. After a childhood of being teased for wearing Kmart and thrift store clothing, I got to college and discovered that thrift store clothes were all of a sudden the coolest thing in the world. WTF???

The article on education didn't really do much for me. Interview with a guy who sort of lucked out in his job and position without having a bachelor's degree, worked from the bottom up. I admire this guy for working so hard and for understanding this his hold his job is precarious. He's going back to school to be an elementary school teacher. Good for him. University of Virginia it seems is waiving tuition for students whose families make less than 2x the poverty level for a family of four. Now, I could be jealous of that (because my family did, especially when my mom was out of work for so long because of her injuries) or wholly embrace it as an opportunity for future students to be able to compete a little more fairly with children who were born into better off families. I'm still a little jealous :)

I found the immigration article very interesting. It was comparing the hispanic/latino immigrants of today with the european immigrants of yesterday. Interesting stuff. I think out of all of these articles, this one has the most insight and the most to offer the readers. Brought up a few things that I hadn't thought of as far as the challenges the new immigrant faces as opposed to the immigrants of the early 20th century (or even the late 20th century). :)

Anyways, these are thoughts that have popped into my head while reading these articles. Oh, then of course there is the whole Mark Felt is Deep Throat revelation. Which lead me to go read the Downing Street memo (www.downingstreetmemo.com) which led me to wonder, much like salon.com was, where are today's Deep Throats? Why can't we rid the country of this guy but we can rid the country of Nixon?

I am also wondering how I can sneak myself into Trent's dressing room at a concert stop this fall and pledge my undying love and affection. All because I finished my work already. :)

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