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Los Exitos Grandes or The Big Hits

Six favorite songs of the moment (in no particular order):

1. Only - Nine Inch Nails
2. Que Onda Guero - Beck
3. Feel Good, Inc. - Gorillaz
4. Strangers on a Train - Lovage
5. Speedballin' - Outkast
6. Jump Around - House of Pain

Not only have I been wanting to "rock out cock out," I have been wanting to "get down with my bad self."

Stupid conflicting movement desires.

I'm supposed to tag six people, but I shall refrain.

In other news:

Got a love seat (free!) from the site superintendent. It's not the most attractive color, needs a good vacuuming (it sat in the back of a truck at the site all day yesterday, so it's a tad dusty), but I think it's probably pretty comfy. I haven't sat in in yet. The cats seems to like it.
Vera: Yay! More furniture to scratch and lounge upon!!
Vaash: Yay! More stuff for me to pounce on Vera from.
Me: Yay! More seating!

Hung out yesterday with April, found a teeny pair of frog slippers for infants (up to 10 months) that I now need to find 2 teeny pairs of wings to attach and send them to the new baby in Florida. In joke between me and the daddy. Once he gets too big for the slippers, they can hang them up if they want. Or toss, whatevs :)

I also got some tea that supposedly makes very good iced tea that is naturally sweetened, so no sugar! I have slowly been getting used to unsweetened iced tea, but this sounds like more fun. I just need to get a pitcher now. I also need a vacuum, and I go scouting for one of those today as well as a few other things. Busy busy busy busy day. Hope yours is well :)

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