LocaKitty (locakitty) wrote,

Junk Yard Dog

You know what's great? Going to a junkyard. Not just standing around in a junkyard, but actually getting under the hood and unscrewing nuts and bolts from parts that you need and having some sort of idea what you are doing. Lemme 'splain.

I need a new windshield wiper motor. A new one will cost around $115, we got the motor and module for $20 at the junkyard today, and it only took us an hour to find one! That was part one of my sunburn :)

Anyways, here's my dad and I, pulling stuff off this old Thunderbird (the motor is the same as the one in the Cougar) and I had to actually crawl on top of the engine so that I could unfasten a bolt, it was the only way either one of us to get to it. I crawled in a car!!! Well, on a car...but, anyways. The coolest thing though...I was the only chyk there. That's right. The only one!

While I am not actually out looking for dating materials among those that go to junkyards, it was cool to be looked at and admired, probably because a lot of these guys can't get their wives to even hand them screwdrivers and here I am crawling around in Thunderbird engines unscrewing wiper modules.

Yeah, so, my back hurts now, but, tomorrow, I get to put it on my car and there is really nothing more satisfying than fixing your own car. I still won't get under the car to change the oil, but I would if it was on a lift...I just don't want to get too dirty :
Tags: accomplishments, auto repair

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